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Project 1: Financial Support to the Government of Georgia for Presidential (Phase I)

Objective:  Providing the Central Election Commission (CEC) with resources to administer the elections in an effective manner

Tbilisi 19 December 2003,  Ambassador Roy Reeve, Head of the OSCE Mission to Georgia signing an agreement with the Minister of Finance of Georgia on OSCE support for Georgian elections in the amount of EUR 1,282,00


  • Satisfactory donor co-ordination (UNDP, USAID, etc.) was provided through the framework of the weekly Technical Working Group chaired by the OSCE.  However, it would be recommendable to produce a more detailed budget that covers all activities, so that donor assistance will be easier to trace and co-ordinate.

  • There were delays in payments to some DECs due to the difficulties associated with commercial banks. The CEC should ensure that DECs establish accounts in reliable commercial banks.

  • Payment should be checked more systematically by international and/or national partners, e.g. by including it in the check-lists of IEOM long-term observers or observers from a national observation organization


The Agreement on the above mentioned project was signed with the Government of Georgia represented by the Minister of Finance on 19 December. On the same day, in accordance with the Agreement, the Ministry of Finance transferred funds to 65 out of 75 District Election Commissions. (The transfers to six DECs were pending Ajaran authorities’ decision to participate in elections, and four were pending the appointments of DEC Chairpersons.)

The Minister of Finance of Georgia provided the OSCE Mission of Georgia with the relevant documentation in accordance with the Agreement, art. 5.2:  i) Decree of the President of Georgia concerning the financing of the extraordinary; ii) Presidential Elections of 4 January 2004; iii) Agreements between the CEC and DECs registered by the Treasury Service; iv) Document proving the write-off of funds from the account of Treasury Service; v) Statement of Accounts of DECs with commercial banks.

After the verification of this documentation by the OSCE Mission in Georgia, the Finance Unit of the OSCE Secretariat transferred to the Ministry of Finance the total amount of the project EUR 1,282,000 on 24 December.

The major difference of this project compared to other projects under GEAP is that funds were not directly targeted to the particular election activities but were routed through the Ministry of Finance as Budgetary Support. This provided means to the Government for the effective functioning of the election administration; enhancing technical capacities of district election and precinct election commissions and promoting fair and free presidential elections to restore voters’ trust in the democratic election process.

Phase I

Project Manager

Luis Martinez-Betanzos

Implemented by:


Total Budget

EUR 1,282,000



Annex 1: Project Description



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