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Project 2: Voter Information (Support to Central Election Commission on Public Information Campaign)

Objective:  Providing the Central Election Commission (CEC) with material resources to conduct its public information campaign  in an effective manner

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  • Given the diversity of activities implemented it would be advisable to request an interim report.

  • In order to build further capacity within the CEC and make better use of the funds available for direct project cost, it may be advisable to make an agreement directly with the CEC Public Relations Office. In addition to financial support, technical expertise could be provided through Mission resources.

  • With regards to airing of scheduled Public Service Announcements close monitoring, possibly by an independently contracted company as was the case in Phase I, is recommendable. Alternatively, the information may be provided by the IEOM.


In order to gain public confidence and to ensure that the Georgian electorate receives all information necessary to make an adequate exercise of their right to vote, the CEC established a Public Relations Office and developed a proactive media campaign. The Public Information Campaign included information for voters on how to address potential problems with the voter list, information about voting procedures, anti-fraud measures, etc. Through the implementing partner IFES, financial and technical support was provided to the CEC Public Relations Office to conduct its public information campaign (i.e. develop and implement a Voter Registration Campaign and a Voting Day Information Campaign). The campaign included posters and flyers in support of a comprehensive media campaign. A free of charge telephone service was used to enhance the campaign.

The OSCE contracted Internews to conduct the monitoring of one of the Public Service Announcements (“09 service” PSA). Roughly half of the planned PSA were not aired as scheduled.

Phase I

Project Manager

Luis Martinez- Betanzos

Implemented by:


Total Budget

EUR 121,836

Agreement with IFES
Annex 1: Project Description
Agreement with Internews
IFES Narrative Report


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