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Project 4: Support for Voter Marking

Objective: Provide for greater trust of voters in the elections through elimination of multiple voting by marking of voters throughout all election precincts.


  • Although not possible within the limited timeframe for the Presidential Elections, it may be considered for capacity building reasons to have the CEC itself conducting the tendering and purchase of voter marking material and the design of the PSA for the next elections.

  • Storage of materials: The warehouse houses VM equipment (ink, UV lamp and batteries), together with other election sensitive & non-sensitive material such as ballot boxes, printed manuals, etc. Although the new warehouse is very convenient for proper storage it is a glass-walled ground floor location and thus not as secure as the previous one. Convenience and safety have to be balanced and solutions for improved security considered.

  • Voter Marking training: Although there was improved procedural implementation of voter marking by the PECs, there is still room for further improvement, specifically: the number of voters checked for ink (81%) and the number of voters actually marked (85%) with invisible ink should be increased in future elections. It is recommended that more training materials and training time be devoted to voter marking.


Voter marking as a procedure to prevent multiple voting was successfully introduced into the Georgian electoral system in November 2003. For Presidential Elections, the organizational skills and capacity of the Central Election Commission (CEC) were enhanced to administer future voter marking programmes through the provision of technical expertise in planning, retrieval and storage of voter marking material. The media agency “Internews” was hired to produce a voter marking education public service announcement (PSA), contracting broadcast time on TV and radio, and printing posters, all of which were implemented in accordance with the high standards requested by the OSCE. Targeted PSAs and posters were produced and distributed in all regions of Georgia. An agreement between the Mission and the CEC was signed on 12 December 2003. The combined effects of the PSA and better training of PEC members were demonstrated by an increase of voters checked for invisible ink from 63% (November 2003 Parliamentary Elections) to 81% (January 2004 Presidential Elections).

The distribution of voter marking materials was implemented with no major complications and voter marking was applied throughout the country on Election Day. By 30 January, the final day of recovery of voter marking materials, 69 out of 75 districts had returned their voter marking materials. The 6 districts from the Autonomous Republic of Ajara did not return materials neither after November 2 parliamentary elections nor after January 4 presidential elections. According to the calculations made by the manager of the CEC warehouse, the recovery rate was three times higher than it was after November 2 parliamentary elections.

Phase I

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Ecaterina Slavu

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EUR 109.000

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