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Project 5: Domestic Election Observation and Parallel Vote Tabulation

Objective: Provide for an independent account of  the election results through parallel vote tabulation to ease appeals in case of discrepancies with the officially aggregated results

Parallel Voter Tabulation Center


  • It should be analyzed if the OSCE can contract directly ISFED, which can subcontract NDI for specific technical assistance, if required. This should be considered in relation with ISFED internal staff problems and its capabilities to carry the entire election observation including the PVT.


The Georgian NGO International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED) deployed observers to all polling stations throughout Georgia on Election Day. The project consisted of three major parts: monitoring of the pre-election period, monitoring of polling, counting and result consolidation, and the parallel turnout and parallel vote tabulations (PVT). An agreement between the Mission and the implementing partner NDI was signed on 17 December 2003. In addition to general assistance, NDI provided a PVT expert which was of crucial importance to the successful implementation of the PVT. 

Some 2550 ISFED volunteers deployed in the vast majority of polling stations and district commissions monitored pre-election developments including the formation of the election commissions at all levels, and their adherence to legislated deadlines and procedures, the formation of the voter lists through the preliminary registration of voters, and issuing of IDs to the voters free of charge. The central office processed the monitoring data received from its district offices, analyzed it, and distributed in to the public via the mass media.

On election day, ISFED’s trained observers conducted a full-scale monitoring of polling and counting procedures throughout the country. Parallel turnout and vote tabulations were conducted in a specially selected sample of polling stations in order to help deter and detect fraud in consolidation of election results, and provide the public with early data on the outcome of the elections.  

Phase I

Project Manager

Luis Martinez- Betanzos

Implemented by:


Total Budget

EUR 104,882

Project Documents

Agreement with NDI

Annex 1: Project Description

19 Feb Interim Report

8 Jan Interim Report

Final Report



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