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Project 7: Door-to-Door Voter Motivation Campaign

Objective: Provide all voters with access to information about the election process and anti-fraud measures in a language they understand.

Motivation Artistic Event in Center of Tbilisi


  • Before undertaking any future activities, it should be assessed if OSCE can contract the local NGO directly, which would make more funding available for direct project costs and increase the involvement of the NGO, in this way raising their confidence and build further capacity.

  • Due to time constraints it appears that leaflets were not always distributed in the most effective way. For any future projects dissemination should be better targeted in order to reach the specific areas identified.

  • Ways of measuring project impact should be defined before engaging in similar activities.


The project sought to increase voter turn-out on the Election Day through door-to-door information, other forms dissemination of information, and through artistic event in the centre of Tbilisi, attracting attention and reminding the citizens to vote on 4 January.

The project was implemented by IRI and its local partner The National Council of Youth Organizations of Georgia (NCYOG). The project consisted of two activities: an artistic event and distribution of the leaflets a day before the election, both serving as reminder for voter participation in the 4 January Presidential Elections. The artistic event took place on 3 January 2003. Approximately 20 young Georgian artists gathered in front of the Georgian Parliament in an action promoting and reminding Tbilisi inhabitants to vote on the Election Day. Artists painted the walls of what was formerly the Artists House while musicians entertained people; activists offered hot tea and chocolate to the passers-by engaging them in conversation, giving them hand-outs with slogans encouraging people to vote in the Presidential Elections. The artistic event was widely covered by the local TV and the print media.

On 3 January 2004, the International Republican Institute together with partners distributed 400,000 leaflets throughout Georgia door hangers, calling on people to make a choice on the election day and reminding them what identification documents are valid for voting.

Project Manager

Sophio Gelashvili

Implemented by:


Total Budget

EUR 25,850


Annex 1: Project Description
Final Report



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