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Project 8: Community Based Voter Education in Eastern and Southern Georgia

Objective: All voters should have access to information about the election process and anti-fraud measures in a language they understand.

Rustavi Community discussion on violations of the Electoral Code


  • The OSCE contracted Mercy Corps which sub-contracted seven local NGOs to carry out voter education activities throughout East and Southern Georgia. Similar to project 9 in West Georgia, it was of significant importance to have a central organization as Mercy Corps, with an established network and expertise, to manage and monitor the activities of so many local NGOs.

  • Training of trainers further directly involved in project implementation preceded the decision of project funding and monitoring activities, thus creating difficulties of its evaluation. This may be coordinated and organized better in future projects.

  • Increased coordination with other voter education projects should provide an opportunity for additional dissemination of materials, leaflets, posters, etc.

  • Attempts should be made in order to draw up principles for evaluating project impact, e.g. minor tests to be completed by trainees.


For Presidential Elections the project, through the implementing partner Mercy Corps, supported voter education initiatives through seven local NGOs in the following districts; Akhalkalaki, Ninotsminda, Akhaltsikhe (Samtskhe-Javakheti Region), non-Azeri communities in Sagarejo, Akhmeta, Kvareli, Telavi Town (Kakheti Region), non-Azeri communities in Marneuli (Kvemo-Kartli Region), Akhalgori, Mtskheta (Mtskheta-Tianeti Region), Gori including Gori Town (Shida Kartli Region). In addition, the implementing partner directly implemented voter education in areas of Kvemo Kartli Region not covered by other agencies. The focus on Kvemo Kartli was a consequence of the high level of violations of the electoral code during the November 2003 parliamentary elections, which partly led to an abolition of election results by court decisions.

Prior to the implementation of the project by the local NGO for each region, a series of meetings have been held with representatives of the local NGOs, local government and regional authorities, to introduce the Community Based Voter Education Initiative objectives. Local NGOs participated in a two-day training seminar, and were provided with specific voter education materials by the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES). An agreement between the Mission and the implementing partner, Mercy Corps, was signed on 19 December 2003.

Project Manager

Khatuna Metreveli

Implemented by:

Mercy Corps

Total Budget

EUR 28,300



Annex 1: Project Description

Interim Report

Final Report

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