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Voter Education for Georgian Law Enforcement Structures

Objective:  To promote democratic principles among Georgia' police force and law enforcement structures to the benefit of the state and society.

Poster saying in Georgian "Together for Better Future"


In its preliminary findings the OSCE/ODIHR International Election Observation Mission noted, as a positive element in these elections, “less police presence in and around polling stations.” Interviews with police officers conducted by GEAP observation teams on E-Day in 13 different districts, revealed an exemplary knowledge and compliance with their intended role in elections, both as voters and law enforcement officers.

Transparency International Georgia (TIG), the implementing partner, conducted seminars with the participation of policemen in 65 districts of Georgia. During the meetings the trainers and the policemen discussed the voters’ rights, the rights and prohibitions of the police representatives with the respect to Election Day. An estimated 119 seminars have taken place throughout the country with the participation of over 2,850 policemen. TIG carried out repeat sessions in areas where GEAP noted weaknesses.

TIG disseminated 15 000 brochures describing the voting rights and the rights and duties of the policemen during the elections. First State Channel ran a PSA presenting the positive policemen, thus setting higher standards for the police. TIG also distributed 10,000 posters, which could be seen in the streets of Tbilisi and the regions. On Election Day TIG visited polling stations in different parts of the country in order to evaluate the police participation in the election process and thus, the outcomes of this project. 

The project implemented by TIG sets the first precedent of constructive partnership between a non-governmental organization and the police. Also, for the first time the attitudes of the policemen towards their involvement in the election process and the problems they have been facing while carrying out their duties were determined.



As of 22 March in total some 109 voter education meetings were held, which were attended by approximately 3,500 law enforcement officers. Shooting and editing of a Public Service Announcement has been finalized and it is currently being broadcast on the State television covering the entire territory of Georgia. OSCE monitoring visits in Tbilisi and Eastern Georgia were conducted on 19 and 22 March 2004.



Printed material is being distributed and training sessions have been conducted in 13 cities across 6 regions. In total some 30 voter education meetings were held attended by approximately 1400 law enforcement officers. Training sessions have been extended from 3 hour sessions to one-day session. While this will decrease the total number of reached officers, it is expected that actual impact will be improved. Shooting and editing of Public Service Announcement has been finalized. OSCE monitoring visits were conducted on 18 March 2004.



During the past week, regional trainers met with the Heads of Regional Police Departments to review the training schedules for the respective regions. Printed material distribution and training sessions started in Telavi, Tsalka, Gori, Akhaltsikhe, Ambrolauri, Chokhatauri, Baghdati. PSA editing is in process by the subcontracted agency. This week trainings are planned to start in Tbilisi and western part of Georgia.


Project implementation started with the schedule of a first round of the 84 training sessions being agreed with the Ministry of Interior. Training of ten trainers was conducted and they deployed to the regions on 3 March 2004. The following activities are in progress: surveys among the police force, preparation of TV ads and training evaluation forms, printing of the material.


The project agreement was signed on 20 February with Transparency International Georgia for the Voter Education Project for Georgian Law Enforcement Structures. Project implementation has already started and the following activities are in progress: surveys among the police force, training of 10 trainers, preparation of TV ads and feedback forms, identification of geographic distribution of military bases and police units, information campaign print, liaison with new presidents' office and the Ministry of Interior.


Negotiation with the Transparency International Georgia on the details of an agreement is ongoing.


The project envisages to execute a comprehensive voter education campaign for the target group. The training will be aimed to address causes of electoral violations such as illegal police intervention, open polling at police compounds, etc. as observed during previous elections in Georgia.

A group of trainers will carry out voter education meetings instructing the police on voting and counting procedures, stressing freedom of choice and secrecy of ballot, as well as other priorities identified by a preliminary survey. The Ministry of Interior will ensure that meetings with law enforcement agents will be organized through local or rayon level police stations, depending on size of target group, with the total outreach provisioned at around 10.000 policemen. The proposal also envisages the production of posters, other visual material and a media campaign aimed at the police force, their respective families and society in the whole.

This project will entail a comprehensive election monitoring component, including a post-election assessment phase. The Transparency International Georgia (TIG) will conduct monitoring on Election Day, as well as voluntary and anonymous post-election interviews among the police force.

The immediate result of this project should be the mobilization in line with democratic principles of the police force in the March 28 Parliamentary Elections. The target group will be in a better position to make political choices freely as a result of obtaining relevant information.

Phase II

Project Manager

Khatuna Metreveli

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EUR 34,823



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Interim report
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