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Domestic Election Observation

Objective: Provide for an independent account of the election results through observation and a parallel vote tabulation to ease appeals in case of discrepancies with the officially aggregated results


The implementing partner, FEF, undertook the election observation as a member of the NGO coalition “We protect every vote”. In the immediate pre-election period, FEF organized a number of media briefings where pre-election monitoring findings were reported. In addition, a joint media briefing was conducted together with other domestic election observation groups, such as ISFED, New Generation New Initiative, and Georgian Young Lawyers Association. The total of 2,750 observers, covering all of Georgia and particularly concentrating on Ajara and Kvemo Kartli, were deployed prior to the opening of polls. Ten legal groups, trained in the central office of the FEF, were specifically made available for on-site consultation and legal assistance to those observers who would face problems at polling stations.

The media, international organizations and the civil society where briefed about findings of FEF observers four times during Election Day. FEF reported polling with considerable procedural violations in Kvemo Kartli, while the atmosphere in Ajara remained tense throughout the day, impacting on the ability of observers to operate freely. On 30 March 2004 FEF conducted a briefing on specific findings in the Ajara region, where it had collected the information on election results from almost all precincts and thus, could estimate the sub total election results in the six districts of Ajara.



Activities were resumed in Ajara and the campaign opening was successfully carried out on 22 March 2004. A presentation was held in conjunction with the meeting of district coordinators from all electoral districts in Ajara. FEF continues to issue regular updates on the findings of the pre-election observation, which are distributed to a wide spectrum of domestic and international elections stakeholders.


18 MARCH 2004 UPDATE:  

The implementing partner is the Foundation Fair Elections (FEF), which will undertake the election observation as a member of the NGO coalition “We protect every vote”. Joint support from UNDP and OSCE will allow the organisation to field 2500 observers. The Agreement between the Mission and the Foundation was signed on 12 March. The campaign preparation activities, as well as trainer and observer’ training sessions are well underway in throughout of Georgia. However, in Ajara planned activities, including the campaign opening scheduled for 16 March 2004 was cancelled due to security concerns and limitations on the transport in and out of the region. FEF reported that on 15 March 2004 about 10 local representatives of the Foundation have been beaten in front of Batumi University by unidentified persons during a civilian protest in support of the peaceful resolution of tensions between the central and the regional authorities.

Following a split of the domestic observation group ISFED/FEF which conducted observation and parallel vote tabulation (PVT) activities for the Parliamentary Elections of 2 November 2003 and Presidential Elections of 4 January 2004, the most acceptable option arising from consultations among OSCE and interested international partners, was to fund both for observation missions in order to retain neutrality and facilitate both organizations at this early stage in their formation.


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Nana Kalandadze

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at EUR 44,515


Agreement with FEF
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