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8 Feb 2004 update
GEAP Phase I:  Presidential Elections

(4 January 2004)

All Programme activities related to training and support for the election administrative bodies, voter marking, parallel vote tabulation, campaigns to cast the vote and voter education,  were implemented according to schedule, with some projects extending into the post-election period, such as the project on parallel vote tabulation. Narrative and financial reports have been received from most implementing partners.

The assistance provided by OSCE participating States within the framework of the Georgia Elections Assistance Programme enabled the timely transfer of funds from the Ministry of Finance of Georgia to the election administration bodies, to cover salaries of election officials. This provided a crucial contribution to realizing Presidential Elections within an extremely tight timeframe.  Moreover, the Programme enabled the civil society to play an important role in promoting much needed confidence of the public in the electoral process, through domestic observation, training and media campaigns.

The 4 January 2004 Presidential Elections in Georgia were held in a calm and orderly atmosphere, without any reported incidents of violence or unrest. A very high voter turnout of about 83 percent, brought the Elections safely beyond the 50 percent constitutional threshold for the Presidential Elections to be valid. Polling station were opened in Ajara, but, as in previous elections, the secessionist-controlled parts of Abkhazia and South Ossetia did not participate.

Following the pledging meeting on election assistance to Georgia organized during the Maastricht Ministerial Council on 1-2 December 2003 the Mission has laid the groundwork for the unified elections assistance. In early December, the Georgia Elections Assistance Programme (GEAP) was set up to facilitate the provision of funds to various implementing partners for a comprehensive package of technical assistance activities in time for both elections. This effort has included the entire process from identifying with implementers what capacity they have to initiate projects in time for the early elections, co-ordinating with other donors their bilateral contributions to different implementers, identifying pledges from OSCE participating States and substantially developing the GEAP. The mechanism of the Technical Working Group, chaired by the Mission has proved essential on all of these levels, as it brought together all of the donors, implementers and diplomatic representations engaged in the field on elections matters.

As identified at the Maastricht meeting, the entire election assistance effort pledged by the International Community to support the Presidential and Parliamentary Elections totals approximately four million Euro, approximately half of which was targeted for the Presidential Elections, and the second half for the Parliamentary Elections.

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