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29 March 2004
GEAP Phase II:  Parliamentary Elections

(28 March 2004)

The second phase of the assistance provided by OSCE Participating States through the Georgia Elections Assistance Programme (GEAP) culminated with the elections on 28 March 2004. On Election Day the GEAP fielded seven teams, observing more than 60 election commissions from 13 different districts covering several regions of Georgia. In addition, Tbilisi based activities of the CEC and domestic election observer organizations were closely monitored. The teams focused on observing the impact of GEAP funded activities on the conduct of the vote. On matters targeted through GEAP projects, particularly noteworthy impact were observed in the functioning of election commissions, the public information campaign, the conduct of police officers and the application of voter marking.


The Parliamentary Elections scheduled for 28 March 2004 will have a more distinct political nature than the Presidential Elections, and significant improvement of a number of procedural aspects needs to be achieved through Phase II of the Georgia Elections Assistance Programme.

The Mission has started preparations for Programme activities in support of the upcoming Parliamentary Elections. Implementing partners have now been contacted by the OSCE Elections Assistance Group with a view towards entering new agreements.

Phase II of the GEAP foresees to maintain the type of assistance provided during Phase I, and to expand it in an effort to build capacity within chosen Georgian institutions. Four new projects have been identified to address an expanded domestic observation programme, a more targeted voter education campaign and the initiation of long-term capacity building for the CEC as well as the Department of Civil Registration of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia, aimed at compiling a civil register as a source of an accurate voter register.

Project activities in the four areas of capacity building of the election administration, domestic observation, voter education outreach, and assistance to the civil registration department of the Ministry of Justice will be implemented in co-operation with organizations experienced in the Georgian electoral processes (both international and domestic technical assistance providers). Again, all assistance will be carried out in close co-operation with the CEC.

In the framework of GEAP Phase II, the Mission will engage in a closer co-operation with local project-implementing partners. The aim is to build additional capacity with those local implementing partners by directly engaging them into the interlocution with the Georgia Elections Assistance Team and, at the same time, making a higher percentage of the funds available for direct project costs.

Contact persons:

Luis Martinez-Betanzos, Head of GEAP
+ 995 99 98 17 12 (mobile)



Stig  Kjeldsen, Reporting Officer of GEAP

+995 99 92 25 28 (mobile)


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